Lon W. House, Ph.D.

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Energy and Water Consulting is a boutique consulting service that provides unparalleled
support to clients, functioning as a client advocate.  Some of the services offered include:
•        Staying abreast of energy and regulatory policies, legal developments, and utility tariff
•        Providing regulatory representation at various regulatory agencies.
Expert witness support.
•        Developing energy and infrastructure master plans.
•        Analyzing current and future energy needs using existing infrastructure, energy use,
demand profiles and applicable utility rate tariffs,  and provide recommendations on how to
most economically meet those needs.
•        Providing technical engineering, preliminary design, and economic and analytical
analysis to aide in the evaluation, development and preparation of project proposals in
distributed generation, microgrids, smart grids, renewable energy, operational optimization,
energy purchases, investment strategies and energy efficiency strategies.
•        Performing financial evaluations, including determining net present value, internal rate
of return, annual pro formas and amortization schedules to provide a basis for comparison
amongst recommendations and other options, considering such factors as energy
consumption and demand, utility tariff options, operational changes, maintenance,
repair/replacement costs, escalation and residual value, and energy and sustainability goals
and initiatives.
•        Preparing and supervising project development and implementation through the
development of RFPs and other solicitation venues,  permitting, construction, and operation



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